triple ginger cake

Hector will be in Brisbane soon and something gingery is needed for afternoon tea.

Thankfully, Sarah and Romy over at Trotski and Ash, have recently blogged about a very dark and gingery-looking Triple Ginger Cake. Recipe available here.

I didn’t have any sultanas as the ants had gotten to them (freakin’ ants! I keep most of my baking ingredients in the fridge because of ants. And yet sometimes if you leave a jar of sugar on the counter in a certain place it will be completely ignored. weird.)

Anyway, just added in extra crystallised ginger (cause ginger is the best thing in the world). Had a lick of the spoon before it went in the oven and the batter tastes like a liquid ginger snap. Once cooked, the cake has a lovely brown molasses colour and really sticky/spongy texture. I will let you know how delicious it is after I’ve eaten it on Thursday.

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1 Response to triple ginger cake

  1. G says:

    j, that ginger cake was so tasty I went looking for crumbs…

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