Birthday Food!

So I had a birthday waaaaaay back in October. (I’ve got a few posts from last year that I never posted due to laziness and an aversion to sitting in front of the computer.)

My housemate Anna Lise also has a birthday in October. So we decided to have a little get-together (she was calling it a birthday party, I called it an afternoon hangout). There was muchos food (all vegan and gluten free) and booze in the tub. The sun came out and we were able to spread everything out on the back lawn. So fancy!

party at night
candles and an empty cake plate (photo from Celeste)

We sat out there till it got dark, then lit some candles till it started raining.

Anna Lise took care of the fancy stuff. I made the snacks and party food things. She made this delicious-looking (and tasty) quinoa salad.

Summer Quinoa Salad

Summer Quinoa Salad

And some lovely apple tea cakes with earl grey syrup that disappeared very quickly. If you have not tried making an apple tea cake and poured fragrant earl grey syrup over the top, I recommend you go do that now. I’ll wait…

apple tea cake with earl grey syrup

I chopped up vegis and had them with dips. I also made finger sandwiches with avocado and cucumber filling from PPK.

naked vegetables!

naked vegetables!

party food spread

this was about half of the party food spread

And tasty peanut butter balls with chocolate from here. Except instead of using choc chips (I can’t find vegan ones!), I melted some dark chocolate over the top instead.

Peanut Butter Balls with Choc Topping

Peanut Butter Balls with Choc Topping

And I grilled up some polenta squares and served them with tomato and basil, and mushrooms and garlic later in the evening when people got peckish again. And the last thing I made was this.

Birthday cake with strawberries!

It looks very impressive, no? It wasn’t as impressive in person. The icing was too runny and the cake was slightly strange, but I think that was the gluten-free flour. Sometimes gluten-free tastes not quite right.

It had a jammy middle. And did I mention the berries!

It had a jammy middle. And did I mention the berries!

It was a bit dense.Nice with jam the next day but not spongy at all. I think I may have over-cooked it. I sort of based it on this recipe and then freestyled the gluten-free flours cause couldn’t find sorghum flour. Her recipe looks really cake-like and mine certainly didn’t. So could also have gone wrong there with the flour mix (used the gluten-free flour mix Annalise Roberts uses. Wasn’t the Owl Cake of my dreams, but it looked real purdy. It looked even prettier when Celeste took a photo.

pretty cake!

pretty cake!

It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon. People seemed to enjoy themselves and all the food was eaten. And that’s all you could want from a birthday.

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